Jaipal to sacrifice for Chiru?

The recent visit of CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and some of the key members of the state congress to Delhi has brought about a lot of speculations. A strong talk is happening about Kiran being asked to step down and a replacement to be filling till the 2014 elections. In this process, two names are figuring strongly.

They are Jaipal Reddy and Chiranjeevi. One of the theories is that Jaipal Reddy would be asked to take over as the CM of Andhra Pradesh and his place in the union cabinet would be filled by Chiranjeevi. Jaipal hails from the Telangana region and that is the high command strategy to pacify the separate state agitators.

The other talk was also about Chiranjeevi likely to become the CM but many analysts rule that out as a possibility. According to sources, the CM’s chair was always offered to Jaipal but he never took it due to the Telangana headache and was safely tucked and happy in his union cabinet position. Will Jaipal sacrifice his ministry to be next CM? is a million dollar question.