Jaipal Reddy expose KCR to the core

jaipal-kcrTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao warangal public meeting speech led to the verbal war between TRS and Congress party.

Taking on KCR remarks, Congress leader Jaipal Reddy said, Without his sincere efforts,  Telangana would not have been made possible with Hyderabad as capital and with Hyderabad’s revenue.

Jaipal Reddy said,  Telangana agitation went in three stages, Politically it was TRS, People & students and other organizations played key role in second stage and the third stage was Within the Congress party which was the decisive power in granting Telangana.

He said , He thought of quitting during Telangana agitation but there were four Seemandhra cabinet ministers along with then CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s pressure on UPA and he was only one from Telangana , to voice out from this region.

He said, He faced strong pressures from them but he stood for the cause and remained tough to get Telangana bill passed, Just because he remained as the union minister. If he had resigned from the cabinet,  there would not have been separate Telangana state.

Speaking on KCR’s hunger strike He said, on November 29th KCR started Hunger strike, he was taken to Khamman and on 30th , KCR broke his fast on advice of his close aides. Jaipal questioned KCR, Why he brake his fast?.

Jaipal Reddy released KCR’s hospital video during Telangana agitation. He said, After this video was telecasted on TV, students of Osmania, Kakatiya university agitated against KCR . This tells KCR’s sincerity towards Telangana.After facing pressure from NGO organizations and Students KCR has again started the agitation.

He said,  Despite of knowing everything they never exposed KCR as it may dilute the Telangana cause during that period. He said, He would also explain how KCR continued his hunger strike in NIMS hospital. He also explained, How dramatic situations took place in speaker chamber on 18th Feb 2014.

He said, After Telangana formation, KCR met Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister and then came to his house in Delhi and also agreed to merge his party into Congress. He said, KCR came to power because of his election promises but not for getting seperate Telangana. Jaipal Reddy said, KCR has made false propaganda against Congress and made false promises to the people to become chief minister.

Earlier KCR alleged that during the period from 2004 to 2014, Jaipal was not at all active towards Telangana movement.