Jai Simha Movie Review – Sentiment Simha

jaisimha-reviewMovie : Jai Simha
Actors: Balakrishna, Nayanathara, Natasha Doshi, Haripriya, Prakashraj, Brahmanandam, Murali Mohan, Jayaprakash Reddy and Others
Music: Chirutan Bhatt
Cinematography: C.Raram Prasad
Story, dialogues: M.Rathnam
Screenplay and direction: KS Ravikumar
Producer: C. Kalyan
Banner: CK Entertainment
TeluguSquare.com Rating 3/5

Narasimha (Balakrishna) unknowingly takes his son from Gauri (Nayantara) and arrives in Kumbakonam from Visakhapatnam. He joins as a driver to temple trustee (Muralimohan). At that time, the temple trustee’s daughter (Natasha Doshi) commits a crime, Narasimha takes the blame and face some problems. Even attack of enemies will also increase. On the other hand, He also becomes enemy of ACP for opposing him. So he leaves the place. At the same time, Gauri comes to Kumbakonam seeking his son. What circumstances will Narasimha face? Why actually he comes to Kumbakonam?


The character of Balakrishna is inspired by his two previous films ‘Narasimhanayudu’ and ‘Samara Simha Reddy’. Balakrishna shows his Vishwaroopam in the second half. The same formula was followed by the director. Balakrishna’s performance is impressive from both angles. Balayya’s steps in the song ‘Ammukuttiy’ surprise everyone. Balakrishna has done his best to entertain fans. There are three heroines, but only Nayantara role is key, Natasha Doshi used for Glamor and Haripriya managed to get a decent length role. After a long gap, Brahmanandam got a full-length role. The director did not get the right entertainment from him. The villain gang is a bit bigger. They played their roles effectively.


Chirutan Bhatt gave melodious songs and only ‘AmmaKutti’ was a mass song. It would have been better to focus on background music. The director chose an old story again. The film would be routine if there was no Chinna Babu’s character. Dialogues were written to suit Balakrishna’s modulation. The cinematography is good. Dubai scenes are beautifully shown. Production values are good.

Jai Simha’ is not a love story nor a family drama. It is purely another mass and commercial action entertainer made for Balakrishna. Generally, Balakrishna movies usually start with heavy action dose or a song. But this film was a bit different. He is introduced carrying a small kid. The director gave what all need for fans at the same time telling the story with the sentiment.

The first half runs in the background of Kumbakonam which has some interesting elements that thrill the fans. Balakrishna Mark dialogues are impressive in the scene praising the pundits. The action episodes before the interval were Nayantara’s entry is a key for teh film.

The director depended on the flashback in the second half. Balakrishna’s love scenes with Nayantara, Prakashraj’s sentimental scenes are good. However, it would be nice not to drag the scenes. The director succeeded in bringing emotions and sentiments. Director was successful in showcasing Balakishan as a Pure Lover. ‘Jai simha’ can be described as a lover’s sacrifice.

+ Balakrishna
+ Nayanthara
+ Sentimental sequences
+ Action episodes

– Lack of entertainment
– too much sentiment

‘Jaisimha’ is a sentimental lion