Jaguar Movie Review – Outdated Formula

jaguar-reviewMovie Review: Jaguar
Cast: Nikhil Gowda, Deepti Sati, Brahmanandam, Jagapathi Babu, Sadhu Kokila, Kavita Radeshyam, Aditya Menon, Tamannaah and Sampath Raj.
Directed by Mahadev
Music Composed by S S Thaman
Story by K V Vijendra Prasad
Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa Rating 2.75/5


The story begins with the killing of a Judge (Aditya Menon) by a masked hero (Nikhil Gowda). Not just the killing,  the entire episode is telecasted Live on SS-TV Channel . The channel’s broadcast is hacked and the murder is shown Live. This becomes sensational among the public. Then the government appoints a CBI officer Jagapati Babu to solve the murder mystery . Jagapati babu keeps the name kept to masked hero as Jaguar.

Krishna (Nikhil Kumar) enrolls as a student in one of the Top Medical colleges in the city. He encounters Deepti in the college and its love at first sight for him. A cute love story begins. The story takes a dig at the illegal functioning of Hospitals and TV News channels run by Business Tycoons- Shauri Prasad (Sampath Kumar) & Somashekar (Aditya Menon) . A student Arya (Anish) raises voice against unlawful things going in the college. Shauri Prasad decides to eliminate him. He approaches Encounter Shankar (Katraj) to kill Arya, But Jaguar kills the police officer.

In the meantime, Jagapati Babu traces out some key information about Jaguar . What is that Information? Are Krishna and Jaguar the same? If so, why is he doing all this? …forms the story.


Debutant hero Nikhil steals the show with a rock solid performance, He is sharp and energetic with flexible muscles and toned body . He is a delight to watch is songs and fight sequences. Deepti looks great , the chemistry between the lead pair is fresh and cute to watch. Jagapathi Babu, Sampath Kumar, Rao Ramesh, Aditya Menon, Loki and others have done a commendable job in their respective roles. Ramya Krishna has nailed with her performance during the climax.

Since Jaguar is a very high budget film , Definitely one can expect high quality in the film. Without letting down the makers have not compromised in anything. The VFX was fantastic and flawless. Cinematography, Background score, and High octane Action sequences are assets for the film. Thaman’s two songs are very catchy . Tamanna’s special number is an eye feast. Since Vijayendra Prasad penning the script,one can expect a miracle from him , but nothing such happens, other than few good twists.

The director of the film has to be appreciated for handling the high budget film. The way the director took the audience attention to travel into the film was really exciting . Right from Jaguar’s entry…CBI officers handling the case were thrilling .The story goes into a lighter mode when the college episode begins.

In between , Jaguar’s reference and college episodes will engage the audience. But later the college episodes will make you feel dragged. But whenever Jaguar reference is made, it makes you cautious and Curious . The action episodes are truly fantastic to watch. The interval bang will increase the expectations in the second half. While In the second half, A question arise as Who is the Jaguar? ,Why is he doing all this?. Once again Brahmandam failed to generate the required comedy in the film. The flashback episodes begin just before the climax is unconvincing. The Hero and the Villain encounter episodes are flat . It’s something like one sided war.


Initial scenes
Action episode
Tamanna’s song


Routine story


Second half
Overall Jaguar is a moderate Entertainer with outdated formula.


Outdated Formula !!