Jagan’s wife face humiliation

Jail authorities have denied permission to Bharathi Reddy to meet her husband, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, for the fourth time.

Reddy came to Chanchalguda Central Prison to meet her husband on Frid-ay afternoon, but au-thorities denied her permission. She waited outside the gate for almost half an hour. Ms Reddy also met director general, Prisons, but in vain.

Jail authorities maintained that they have to adhere to rules and can’t change it even for a VIP.

Chanchalguda jail superintendent in-charge Venkateshwar Reddy said, “According to the jail manual, only two mulaqats are pe-rmitted for a person in a week and at the discretion of the jail superintendent, a third time. Reddy has already had three mulaqats after her husband was brought to jail.”

“We’ll allow her to have mulaqat next week, from Monday onwards, if she wants,” he added.

Although mediapersons tried to talk to Reddy, she refused to speak.