Jagan’s new mantra ‘Operation K’

Jagan following foot steps of  his late father Y S Rajashekar Reddy on a mission to attarct people from other parties especially from TDP whose strength is Kamma community.YSR  who started ‘Operation Akarsh’  to woo other party leaders into congress,Now Jagan launched ‘Opeartion K’ to woo Kamma leaders into YSR party.

The cold war between Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Nandamuri Harikrishna and NTR Jr has come in handy for YSR Congress Party to aggressively execute its “Operation K”.
YSRCP is trying to lure several Kamma leaders whose affinity is for the Telugu Desam, in order to strengthen its base in Krishna and Guntur districts, a stronghold of Kammas. That seems to be the reason behind the YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy hugging TDP Vijayawada Urban unit president and NTR Jr’s close follower Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan, a Kamma, in full public glare.
Kodali Nani, MLA and another close follower of Harikrishna and his actorson, seem to have counselled Vamsi to hold his horses.
But, according to sources, Vamsi is firm and is likely to make some positive remarks on Jagan in his written explanation in reply to the show-cause notice issued by the TDP.
But, the Vamsi incident is not the first fallout of YSRCP’s Operation Kamma.
When YSRCP was launched, it lured Makineni Peda Rathiah who had strained relations with TDP chief Naidu. But Rathaiah’s honeymoon with Jagan did not last long and he quit the YSRCP.
Now, the YSRCP is sending feelers to another Kamma leader in Guntur district with the offer of a Lok Sabha seat. If the leader, who has some personal image, joins the YSRCP, it will be a big catch for Jagan.
In Tenali in Guntur district, Nannapaneni Rajakumari’s daughter and son-inlaw have joined the YSRCP.
In north coastal Andhra Gadde Babu Rao has already quit TDP and is on the verge of joining the YSRCP.
Alarmed by the attempts to wean Kammas, Chandrababu Naidu has embarked on a counter strategy as part of which he has met actor Mohan Babu in Tirupati. But when Mohan Babu almost decided to join the TDP, Jagan entered the scene. He and his wife Bharati visited Mohan Babu’s residence Sunday. With Mohan Babu and Jagan having family relations, the former has to now choose between YSRCP and TDP.
Sources said Jagan is casting his net over Kamma leaders in Congress too.