Jagan’s life in Jail

Jagan seen Cheerful and still smiling, Jagan folded his hands greeting the huge contingent of policemen and media persons at the jail. In the jail, he continued with the same demeanour, shaking hands with the jail staff and even enquiring about their well being.

Jagan had to complete some formalities before he was sent to the block where special category prisoners are lodged. After the prison authorities checked the identification marks on his body and numbered him Qaidi No 6093, Jagan was led away into the what is known as the old hospital block. Prison sources say that Jagan was allotted a special room. Usually special category prisoners have to share a room but an exception was made in the case of Jagan- due to security reasons. The room measures 10 ft by 10 ft but it has an attached toilet. He has been provided with a cot and a mattress, which is as per the jail manual. A television set is also in the room that also has a chair and a table, but only Doordarshan channels can be accessed on it and certainly not Sakshi TV.

Jagan missed the jail dinner by just five minutes as he was brought in at 5.35 pm. The lock-up of prisoners starts at 5.30 pm after dinner which on Monday comprised rice, alu and tomato, curd and rasam. On Tuesday morning, he can relish the jail’s khichdi for breakfast if he wants to give it a try but for that he will have to wake up early in the morning and get ready by 6.30 am.

But being a special category prisoner, Jagan does not really have to stick to any schedule. At a separate kitchen provided exclusively for special category prisoners, Jagan can get his choice of food cooked.