Jagan’s approach to attract Kamma ,Kapu voters

Jagan’s party has stopped luring Kapu leaders for the time being and started working out on kamma leaders. There is a special reason for this move as YSR-C feels that Kamma leaders are more volatile than Kapus. Kamma leaders act according to their Mind while Kapu leader still depend on their heart to decide their future, Thus YSR-C their immediate opponent is TDP but not Congress.

Recent by-polls have showed that Kapu voters in the state are still having soft corner for Congress party. Majorly in East, West Godavari, Krishna and Prakasam there are lots of Kapu voters who are immediately followed by Kamma voters. In coastal Andhra, Kamma voters are said to be supporting TDP a lot and it is proved in by-polls with TDP standing in second place in 10 constituencies. Though Vangaveeti Radha is with YSR-C, his aura is not enough to attract complete Kapu voters and hence Jagan focused on Kamma voters by attracting Nani and Vamsi, says an analyst.

With Radha, Vamsi and Nani in YSR-Congress, definitely there will be a big splitting in the vote banks of TDP. Krishna district and Kamma community are no more a steel-forte of Telugudesam!