Jagan watching Doordarshan in Prison

With Chanchalguda jail having become the No.1 “resthouse” for corrupt politicians, officers and businessmen in AP, almost every aspect of their jail life is being scrutinised in detail.

Sometime ago, the fact that there were facilities in Chanchalguda for VIP prisoners to play shuttle made big news. Vijay Sai Reddy, the auditor and mastermind behind Jagan’s empire used to regularly play the sport with his fellow prisoners. After Suryaa paper chief who was also in jail got injured while playing shuttle, it was reported that the Jail authorities discontinued this facility.

Now, another news making the rounds is that Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken to watching Doordarshan while in prision. Prisoners are not allowed to watch Cable TV. So the question of Jagan watching his own Sakshi TV and being able to see the massive campaign launched on his behalf does not arrive. He howeve has access to Doordarshan. Jagan is now said to be watching Doordarshan News with great interest and is even said to stay up late watching the government channel.