Jagan turns Ravan for Indians

Poor Jagan who claims himself the lord,protector, and Hero of Andhra Pradesh could not influence other states of India. Sakshi  paper the mouth piece of Jagan is a local new pamphlet which has local readership and he needs to start a new national pamplet to serve his needs.

The one name which is in the lips of many Telugu people in Andhra Pradesh and across the world is of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy. The arrest episode of Jagan and the manner in which the whole thing got executed has been termed as like a sheer power move from the congress high command to stop him.

This has resulted in Jagan getting a lot of controversy and he has become more like a hero to many masses. However, the scene is completely different in other parts of India. Whether it is due to national media or the perception but many are feeling that Jagan is just another corrupt leader.

They state that he is paying the price for his illegal ways of making money. After the kind of shocks Indian people have received in the name of 2G scam, commonwealth scam and many other scandals, they are finding it hard to believe that Jagan is innocent. This is interesting.