Jagan tag Chiranjeevi as selfish

‘A selfish man can call others selfish’, YSR Congress chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy whofor his selfish deeds to sit on CM’s chair resigned for congress party ,started his own party with only one mission to grab CM’s post now finds a partner who is alike and give him a tag called ‘selfish’.

YSR Congress chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched his party’s election campaign in Tirupati on Tuesday, with a strong tirade against Chiranjeevi who has vacated the seat to enter Rajya Sabha. Jagan said by-election in Tirupati was caused because of the selfishness of Chiranjeevi.

He said in sharp contrast, 17 MLAs supporting him were disqualified as they stood by the poor and the farmers. He said by-elections were caused in 17 constituencies because of the sacrifice of the sitting MLAs, while Tirupati by-poll was caused because of the selfishness of Chiranjeevi.

Jagan said he would have saluted Chiranjeevi if he had resigned as a protest against government’s failure to help the farmers or in support of women or youth or the poor. But he has resigned because of his selfishness to become Rajya Sabha member, Jagan said and added that Chiranjeevi worked with the sole purpose of becoming Rajya Sabha member and getting minister posts for him and his supporters. He has asked Tirupati voters to teach a lesson to those operating state politics through remote control from New Delhi and those indulging in selfish politics.