Jagan spy’s in govt giving up to date reports

Y S Jagan who has been in the Chanchalguda jail since quite a while on charges of illegal assets has been giving a tough time to the Congress party. Already, few defections have started from there to here. As if that is not enough, many feel that Jagan is operating clandestinely to trace Congress movements.

According to few rumours, Jagan has already got his followers planted in congress camp and is getting up to date reports. There is also a speculation that MP Sabbam Hari is actually Jagan’s man and without resigning from Congress he is busy sharing the crucial information of the party.

The general belief is that as long as Jagan is inside the jail things would be a little tight but the day he comes out, a lot of drastic changes are expected in the political scene. But whether he will come out or not or when is he likely to come out is one big question many are not able to answer.