Jagan shoots 7 questions to Chandrababu Naidu

rp_jagan-chandra-babu-naidu1-300x193-300x193-300x193-300x193-1-300x193.jpgYSRCP president Jagan Mohan Reddy spoke at a press conference at Sangam Jagamalli in Guntur on Friday. He alleged that Chandrababu Naidu has victimised the people on special status. On this occasion, Jagan has posted seven questions to Naidu.

1. Why did Naidu has not written a letter to the Planning Commission ?:
On March 2, 2014, the Planning Commission has been asked the UPA government to give special status to AP. The TDP government came to power in AP in 2014. Planning Commission was running until December but Naidu govt never bothered to write a letter to it in 7 months.

2. Is it not true that the package was welcomed by Naidu govt?

Chandrababu said that the package announced by Arun Jaitley was astonishing and thanked the Center and Jaitley, he also moved a thanksgiving resolution in the Assembly. Is that not true?.

3. Bad signals on growth rate? :
Chandrababu Naidu gave false projections that Andhra Pradesh is developing rapidly in the world. He also gave ads like “10 Lakh crores investments and one lakh jobs “. He gave false signals that AP has the highest GDP growth in the country.

4. What was Naidu doing in four years? :
What did Chandrababu do in case of special status in last four years? Is it not unfair to suppress the concerns and awareness programs of the YCP on Special Status?

5.U turn on No Confidence?
If YSRCP had not moved No-confidence, Will TDP would have moved it? On the evening of March 15, Naidu gave a conditional support to YSRCP that TDP will support them if they have numerical strength. Early on March 16, He took a U-turn.

6. How can Special Status be achieved with BlackBridges?
The invitations that are being sent in the name of the all-party is like “Robber holding a meeting for the prevention of theft,” Jagan said. All party meeting moto is to dilute the SCS cause as Naidu do not want agitations and protests and if the movement turns bigger, the state takes backstep in development, is the thought of Naidu, said, Jagan.

7. MPs resignations?
If 25 MPs resign of AP and take an infinite fast, entire country’s attention will be on AP. But TDP MPs are playing dramas.