Jagan sena motto: Target Ram Charan

The arrest of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy has come across as a major shock to the YSR Congress party members. Most of them were confident that no one will touch Jagan and he would emerge successful in the upcoming by-polls. But nothing of that sort happened and Jagan is currently in Chanchalguda jail.

And now, some of them are coming up with their reactions to this. One among them happened to be the mega powerstar Ram Charan. And what he said has not gone well with the Jagan Sena. Charan in his Twitter account mentioned that the government has shown guts in arresting Jagan.

Now, sources close to the YSR Congress camp mention that members of the Jagan Sena are not at all happy with Charan’s comment. They are planning to come up with few protests that is going to express their displeasure. They are launching a web campaign against Charan with paid news articles. Already some writers and web sites were selected to support their views. ANd Sakshi planning to attack Chiranjeevi on a war front with some articles related to Chiranjeevi’s family and recent IT raid to defame him one more time. They are even trying to highlight Charan – Tamanna intimacy. What Charan said is right or not, the coming days will show if any consequence occurs or not.