Jagan ready for Narco Test ?

No, says Jagan camp as Narco Test is  truth drug or truth serum is a psychoactive medication used to obtain information from subjects who are unable or unwilling to provide it otherwise. It like a  toture , Even Supreme Court of India in the case “Smt. Selvi vs. State of Karnataka” held that narco, polygraph (also called Lie-detector) and brain mapping tests to be unconstitutional as they violate article 20(3) of the Constitution but still CBI wants to have it in Jagan’s case is objectable.

CBI claim that Jagan is not at all responding to the investigation and Narco Test is only means to bring out truth. While Jagan camp started protesting in front of Gandhi’s statue in assembly premises against allowing Narco Test on Jagan. Observers says, Instead of facing this test as it affect  his health Jagan should cooperate with CBI.