Jagan ready to alliance with BJP in 2019 elections

rp_jagan-modi-300x227-1-300x227.jpgYSR Congress Party president Jagan Mohan Reddy is ready to have an alliance with BJP in 2019 elections.

Speaking to national news channel (CNN- IBN) He said that they are ready to support the BJP If the Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps his promise given on special status.

Jagan’s padayatra crossed 900 km On Monday (January 21), he was interviewed by National Media (CNN-IBN). Speaking on the occasion, Jagan said that in 2019, without a second thought, he would have no objection to an alliance with the BJP if the special status promise is fulfilled.

He said, Andhra Pradesh cannot be developed without special status and it would take 60 years to compete with Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. He said Ap CM Chandrababu is king of a liar. In the last four years, he has not done anything to the state. He fooled investors around the world in the name of Amravati. It is a huge land grab scam, “Jagan said.

If Chandrababu is replaced by a blind chief minister, he would rule better. Chandrababu does only know how to deceive people. The national growth rate is 5 to 6 percent and the global growth rate is 2 to 3 percent. How can AP GDP be 12 percent? ”

Jagan said that the impact of the national parties in AP politics is unlikely. “The AP has nothing to do with the BJP and the Congress. They do not have a foundation in this state. YSRCP main target is Chandrababu. For four years, the TDP-BJP alliance is gradually breaking. If BJP is given special status to the state, he is ready to an alliance with the party, “Jagan said.

When asked about the CBI cases, Jagan said that all the cases registered against him are part of a political conspiracy. “As long as I am in Congress, I have no cases. When I left that party, they filed cases against me. “Jagan said.

Jagan said there are no charges in the vote-for cash case on Chandrababu despite the clear evidence in audio and video tapes. He also criticized Nadu for misleading Modi and also the people of the State.