Jagan owned Kodali Nani for 30 crores

TDP MLA Kadali Nani who hails from Gudivada   has created a panic situation among TDP cadre of that constituency. TDP cadre across the state came up on roads  burnt an effigy of Kodali Nani and alleged that Nani has sold himself to Jagan’s YSRC party for 30 crores.

TDP cadre were on fire ,They said its because of Jr.NTR Nani got TDP ticket, and its a shame on part of Nani who always talks about anna NTR moral values and claim himself as true follower of NTR. They even demanded Chandra Babu Naidu  not to give tickets for this kind of people .And said in 2014 Nani will face a shameful defeat as TDP low level cadres are with TDP all the time.

Meanwhile ,YSRC is happy for Kodali Nani in their party as he is a strong leader from Guntur, and hails from community which is very strong in that region.