Jagan, mother are behind YSR death !!

The PCC chief who was campaigning in the Rama-chandrapruam constituency in East Godavari district told reporters at Satyaveedu village that it was clear that bad weather had led to the crash of the helicopter in which the late chief minister was travelling. Subsequent CBI investigations also proved it beyond all doubts.

He said that Vijayalakhsmi was raising doubts about her husband’s death without any proof. “On that fateful day, YSR’s son and wife had said that it could have been better if YSR had not taken the helicopter as the weather was bad. Now, they are changing their tune and saying that there was a conspiracy behind what was obviously an accident. If there is a conspiracy they are the persons who should know better.

“Now we are forced to suspect the mother and son as well, he said. “We are now forced to think that if there is anything suspicious in the death of YSR, the mother and son may be behind it. Perhaps, that’s why they are raising such doubts.”