Jagan Mohan Reddy should be Hanged !!

Guntur flexi controversy has spread like a fire with uncontrollable emotions resulting to verbal war between political parties.

Talking to press at Guntur, Telugu Desam ex minister Kodela Shivaprasad Rao said Jagan should be hanged instead of jail for his party members’ shame full act of erecting the flexi and comparing Mahatma Gandhi with Jagan.  Jagan Reddy looted public money when his father late chief minister YS Rajashakar Reddy was in power and He was sent to jail. Because of Jagan many IAS officers, Public servants, present congress ministers are suffering for their decisions. Jagan is a criminal and comparing him with Gandhi is shameful act, he added.

Meanwhile Guntur YSRC party leaders still share the same opinion which was published on flexi.