Jagan loyalists backstabbing Sharmila

Why is BJP attacking YSRC leader Sharmila and her husband Anil? By directing the attack on Sharmila, who is learnt to have differences with her brother Jagan Mohan Reddy.

BJP which was silent on Jagan’s illegal properties all these days suddenly started its attack only on Anil & Shamila has a great backing from Jagan loyalists in the YSRC party.

Its understood that, Jagan might not come out of Jail for some more years and Sharmila & Anil started taking charge of the party sidelining Jagan uncle Subba Reddy and other senior leaders of the party. Thus, Jagan group which has some good relation with BJP leaders  took its help to attack them on religious front . Hence, BJP spokesperson NVSS Prabhakar,is targeting Sharmila and Anil Kumar on ideological issues . Meanwhile, Sharmila’s Fake Injury news was also leaked by Jagan loyalists to give a weapon to TDP for attacking her openly.