Jagan leading peaceful life in jail

According to a report being telecast in a TV channel, Jagan is getting up every day at 6 am. After morning ablution, he is taking a cup of coffee or tea, reading newspapers. He is then taking bath and having breakfast. After that he comes out of his room and chats for a while with other VIP prisoners. He is reported to have talked to Gali Janardana Reddy, OMC scam accused who was recently shifted to Chanchalguda from Bengaluru. He plays chess or caroms for a while, if he gets a partner. Former IAS officer B P Acharya, Gali Janardana Reddy and jailed industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad are usually his partners. He also plays shuttle for a while.

After lunch, Jagan takes rest for a while and comes out of his room at 4 pm. He plays shuttle for a while with VIP prisoners. He spends time till 6 pm playing some game or the other. Some times Jagan’s close associate Sunil Reddy, arrested in the Emaar scam also partners Jagan in shuttle. There are two cooks for the VIP prisoners. They order food of their choice. At 9 pm all the VIP prisoners retire to their rooms. After this, Jagan reads some book till 1030, when he goes to sleep.