Jagan knew Sai Reddy release

Did Jagan know of the imminent release of Vijaya Sai Reddy on bail on Friday? The YSR Congress Party leader seems to have an inkling of the devlopment, going by his decision to postpone his by-election tour by a day to April 15.

A statement from the party said that Jagan was a little uneasy and mildly indisposed due to his tireless campaign and hence deferred his tour by a day. However, party sources say that Jagan stayed put in Hyderabad to meet up with Vijaya Sai Reddy, who is out of jail after a 100 days.

There was surprise that  Jagan’s postponement decision was taken a little before Sai Reddy bail decision was announced by the court.

The development assumed importance in the backdrop of widely shared feeling that the case against Jagan is slowly losing steam. Sai Reddy’s release further strengthened this feeling both among Jagan’s followers as well as his opponents.

So much so that CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana visit to Delhi and his departure from there to Mexico also fuelled the speculation that the hot pursuit is no longer in place for CBI. But later it was confirmed that Lakshminarayana was not going on holiday to Mexico but on an official visit toparticipate in an international conference.