Jagan kicks the Chair, shocks CBI

Although it’s shocking for everyone, the first three days of interrogation at Dikusha Guest House before arresting YS Jagan has been a nightmare for CBI sleuths.

Initially, Jagan tested the patience of the investigation sleuths by not answering to any of the questions in a proper way. At one point of time,It is heard that he got irritated with CBI’s repeated queries and expressed his anger by standing up, kicking the chair back. When Jagan and Nimmagadda were questioned jointly, the Kadapa MP blamed the Industrialist over the ill-gotten money routed into Jagathi Publications.

Of course, this is the first of its kind experience for CBI officials. Who would dare to swing their tail before CBI, other than Jagan. The entire episodes of Jagan’s interrogation at Dikusha has been recorded by the CBI. Investigation sleuths used these video tapes in the CBI court to seek his custody and also to dismiss Jagan’s bail petition. Though there were strong rumors and speculations making rounds like anything in politicial and media circles about Jagan Interrogation scenes, only the video tapes can show us the real story. So now, everyone is keen to see Jagan’s ‘kick the chair’ act!