Jagan is not a Reddy any more !

Congress Reddy leaders are worried that YSR Congresschief Jagan Mohan Reddy is being perceived as the leader of the community. Miffed with this growing perception, the Congressleaders want to impress upon the community that he is not their truerepresentative.

Pointing this out, seniorCongress leader J C Divakar Reddy and another leader from Kadapa Veerasiva Reddy decided that they should take this message to the people. Jagan and his family follows Christian religious practices andcannot be strictly considered as Reddys, is their argument.

Dr N Tulasi Reddy, another Congress leader, too underlined his view that Jagan and YSR family are essentially Christian and not Reddy.

The leaders want to gather all Jagan family records, which establish that he is a Christian first and foremost and not a Reddy in his outlook. They believe that only such an exposure among the public would wean away the Reddy youth from flocking to Jagan.

This is a political cleft-stick that the Congress leaders in the state are caught in, and are struggling to wriggle out of it. Jagan phenomenon indeed is causing unprecedented turmoil in our politics!