Jagan is a power cable

After a long break YSRC party leader gave a guest apperance  Participating in a programme in Anantapur district , with a punch dialogues perfectely written script borrowed from recent super hit film Allari naresh’s Sudigadu.

Speaking to gathering she said “Don’t underestimate Jagan because he is lean. He is like a power cable”, Congress has touched that power cable by sending Jagan to jail and was now shivering due to electric shock. Hearing this even Narish will be shocked as she gave a spoof dialogue of a spoof film.

If one remembers the dialogue from the film Sudigadu its like “Don’t underestimate me because I am lean. Power cable is also lean. If you touch it, it will give you deadly shock”.

At the same time she bashed on TDP president Chandra Babu saying , He has no answer for  YSRC president Vijayamma challenge that 100 BC’s to assembly instead of giving 100 tickets to them and said he is just  acting showing as if he has concern for BC’s shedding crocodile tears on the plight of the BCs.