‘Jagan is a Devil’

Finance minister Anam Ramnarayan Reddy came down heavily on YSR Congress president YS Jagan for describing the upcoming by-elections as a battle between self-ability and betrayal.

“Who are betrayers? Jagan should think about it keeping hand over his heart! Having betrayers on his both sides, does he has the moral right to speak about it. In 2009, Prasanna Kumar Reddy won on TDP ticket. He got attracted to the package offered by Jagan and joined YSR Congress
leading to by-election. Jagan talking about betrayal is similar to devils preaching vedas,” said Anam.

The secior Congress leader also condemned the allegations of TDP against chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy accusing him of violating the model code of conduct in the election bound constituencies.

“How can the TDP say that the chief minister has mis-used his powers during the by-election campaign, just because he asked the people to vote for Congress. It’s part of the election campaigning and how can it be a violating the model code of conduct. During his campaign in Kovur constituency, even Chandrababu had asked the people to vote for TDP and other party leaders have done the same thing,” he told.