Jagan helpless on Parakala

Parakala by-election is going to be a testing ground on various counts for at least three parties. For YSR Congress Party, Parakala will give clear indications of its future in Telangana. The party and its candidate Konda Surekha are not too sure at present of their success. So much so that Surekha is likely to contest as an independent candidate as Jagan expressed his helplessness..

The seat is also crucial for TRS and the BJP, both of which are locked in a battle of one-up-man-ship as pro-Telagnana parties. Following the Mahababnagar debacle, TRS is worried that the saffron party is making inroads into its bastions. KCR would like to teach a lesson or two to BJP by showing its place in Parakala.

TRS leaders are already saying that BJP will not be able to get even a few thousand votes in Parakala. “We will ensure that BJP is not even a poor third here,” said a TRS leader.

The BJP, however, is confident of pulling a surprise in Parakala. Enthused by its unexpected victory in Mahabubnagar, BJP is leaving no stone unturned to consolidate on its new-found strength.

The ruling Congress is planning to field Chief Whip Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy’s wife in Parakala. TDP will also be in the contest. Former DSP Nalini, who resigned in support of separate state, announced that she would be in the race.

With as many as 6 important candidates and at least 5 parties in the race, the multi-cornered contest in Parakala will be interesting to watch.