Jagan digs his own pit targeting Pawan Kalyan

pawan-jagan-474784YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy digs his own pit going personnel of Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan’s wives and marriages.

He commented Pawan Kalyan as Polygamy only proves that Jagan has accepted his defeat much before elections and lost confidence.

Jagan who was touring in Godavari district said it is our Karma that we have to listen to a person like Pawan Kalyan who talks of values. Pawan Kalyan changes wives as cars for every four to five years. If some other changes wives, he would be called as ‘Nitya Pelliokoduku’.

Jagan seems to be in frustration as his yatra in Godavari district was a flop after spending hundreds of crores.W hile his own media Sakshi buries Jagan’s Comment on Pawan Kalyan in the Fifth Page of AP Edition

Around 50% of Jagan’s supporters got hurt (since they love pk secretly) and withdrew their support to Jagan. NRI’s news pouring to my WhatsApp that Ambati Rambabu also got hurt with Jagan’s adversely comments on PK.