Jagan camp readies for 2nd attack on CBI JD

With CBI head office giving 2 years extension for CBI JD Laxminarayana and will continue in Andhra Pradesh till all cases are done. YSR Congress with no other way to go is  planning another attack on CBI Joint Director V V Lakshminarayana? Even as the officer is in South Africa, certain sections within Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party are said to be making hectic enquiries about the properties owned by him in the state as well as in Maharashtra, the cadre which the IPS officer belongs. Sources in the Jagan camp disclosed to Express that the move to get details of Lakshminarayana’s properties was launched a month ago simultaneously with the campaign to access the call data of his phone as well as that of his friend Chandrabala.

It is not clear what kind of information Jagan’s camp has obtained so far. ‘’Though Lakshminarayana owns some properties, they are all accounted for. However, Jagan’s camp is making more enquiries to detect some loophole,” a source said. Enquiries are also being made about Lakshminarayana’s service in Maharashtra. He he served as the superintendent of some districts and did a stint in the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

The sources were not sure as to whether a detective agency has been hired this time around as well, just as was done to obtain the call data record of the joint director. Besides gathering information about properties, it is learnt that some persons considered close to Lakshminarayana are also being ‘’tracked’’ so as to get hold of some ‘’uncomfortable’’ information pertaining to the officer.