Jagan behind in sideling Venkaiah Naidu ?

modi-jaganAccording to latest political buzz, the Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy meeting with the Prime minister Narendra Modi in Delhi has played a key role in Sideling former union minister Venkaiah Naidu from active politics.

Jagan reportedly gave reports against Venkaiah alleging misuse of his power for his own Swarna Bharathi Trust. Jagan submitted the donor list for the organization who include TDP and Congress leaders and mentioned about the usage of special helicopters and flights for the functions organized by the trust at Venkatachalam, Vijayawada and at Hyderabad.

While BJP taking this report as an advantage is reportedly planning to play a key role in AP politics by joining hands with YSRCP which has over 47 MLAs. Many political changes are expected in coming days, says political analysts.