Jagan a role model of Murder politics

TDP leader and MLA Sri A Revanth Reddy today described YS Jagan as role model of murder politics and prince of nefarious black & dark culture.
Addressing reporters at TDLP the party official spokesman said that Jagan was conducting himself as a ‘political beggar’. ” He won  the Kadapa parliament bye poll by provoking the people against Sonia led Congress but now is crawling before her to win her favour and get out of CBI net ‘,he said.
‘Jagan’s entire game plan is to become CM of AP at any cost  by fooling the people once again’. The TDP leader questioned as to why the TRS party had not demanded boycott of Jagan party in Telangana and again as to why TRS has not passed a resolution demanding resuming of wakf land encroached by the congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal.
He said the TRS had failed to respond to aspirations of the people of Telangana in seeking a resolution on Telangana in parliament and Assembly.