Jadoogadu Movie Review – No Magic Spell

jadoogaduFilm : Jadoogadu (2015)
Director : Yogie
Producer : V.V.N Prasad
Music Director : Sagar Mahathi
Starring : Naga Shourya, Sonarika Bhadoria
Telugu Square.com 2.75/5

When people of Konaseema expels Krishna ( Naga Shourya) from their village Krishna comes to Hyderabad with the intention to 1 crore & settle in life. He comes to his friend Srinivas Reddy house and begins his career as a Bank loan recovery agent . Initially, he fails to recover the loans as most of them were given to Goons. However, Krishna successfully recovers a loan amount from a local goon. This impresses a Don Srisailam (Zakeer Hussain). Krishna becomes closer to Srisailam , who is a right hand to central minister Jagadeesh Naidu ( Kota Srinivasrao ). Srisailam wants to earn 2000 crore making Krishna as benami.

Meanwhile, City police commissioner Ashish Vidadi plans to earn 25 crore for his daughter’s marriage for this he engages CI to find the details of Srisailam , They use Krishna as their source and Krishna comes to know about it. On other side Krishna falls in love with Parvati ( Sonarika), who hails from Kerala. She wants to settle in Dubai . How Krishna comes out of this conspiracy? Will Krisna fly to Dubai with his girlfriend?.


Naga shourya performs well in a mass role but his action part like people flying in air when hero hits them was little too much. Sonarika  role was used for exposing and liplocks. Kota as minister , srisailam and Ajay were good in their roles.


Joodugadu film would be justified , if some top hero would have been roped in the film . the movie is a mind game like , Naga Shourya gimmicks to cheat Big Don who is very intelligent enough to analyse others, was shown in a impressive cinematic way.

Naga Shourya went out of control in romantic scenes , He kisses Sonarika lips 6 times in two scenes , This has proved that the off scene chemistry of both these actors must be fantastic. Dialogues were routine in cinematic style. The action part 10 minutes before climax was top notch , Naga Shourya excels in action scenes. Production values are good.

Mani Sharma’s son Sagar Mahati is the debutant music director of the film , song are good fro listening and picturization also. BGM was ok. Director Yogi must have taken a feel good subject instead of mass subject for Naga Shourya . First half and the Climax of the film was good , rest was routine with entertaining bits with predictable story line.


Jadoogadu could not spell the magic.