Jabardasth TV show becomes a target

jabardasthPopular TV shows telecasted on ETV becomes a target after Veteran actor Chalapathi Rao’s recent comments about women.

Both the TV Jabardasth and Pataas were in news for their vulgar content and both are top viewed shows.

Popular anchor and actress Jhansi, who is among those who filed a police case against Chalapathi Rao said they have already filed so many PILs in a Court of Law to stop the Jabardasth show.

Producer Thammareddy talked about the TV show Jabardasth vulgar content and demanded the organizers to apologize.

On the other hand, Actor & Anchor Ravi was also criticized for saying “Super sir, super” but later he defended himself by claiming that he hadn’t heard what Chalapathi Rao exactly said.