Jabardasth artist turns red-sander smuggler

Jabardasth artist red-sander smugglerTV comedy show Jabardasth artist has become most wanted for the task force for red-sander smuggling. The special task force in Tirupati was working out on the case. Special teams were formed to capture this guy.

This artist of Tirupati came to Hyderabad for survival. He did small roles in the TV serials and entered the Jabardasth. After that, he became addicted to easy money and become a smuggler. In Sheshachalam district of Chittoor district, the red sandal trees are cut down and illegally crossing the borders. He got in touch with the international smugglers in Bangalore and Chennai and earned crores. Task Force’s surveillance on this smuggler has solid proofs. More than 14 cases were registered against him.

The artist also started financing films with the money earned from the red sandal smuggling. He also reportedly turned Producer for recently released film Shambho Sankara. The police have also prepared a list of collaborators who supported this artist. Also, there is a campaign that one or two industry people have links to the case.

Special task force focus on holding this red scandal smuggler. Special teams have also come into play. Search teams are in Chittoor district and also in Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He has become most wanted for police. The task force officials are refusing to mention his name.