IYR slams TDP govt for criminal case against Ravi Kiran

iyrFormer Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary and the current Chairman of Brahmin Welfare Corporation, Ippagunta Yashodhara Ramakrishna Rao has been sacked for his posts on Facebook criticizing the TDP government.

IYR held a press conference said, He was unable to get Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s appointment from the last six months. He felt unjustified to file a criminal case just for a political satire on YSRCP follower Ravi Kiran and clarified that all those anti-TDP posts on his Facebook were shared when Ravikiran was arrested.He is also in a view that TTD EO post should be given to south Indian.

He also faulted MPs Kesineni Nani and J C Diwakar Reddy for their attitudes. He also said He is not associated with any party especially YSRCP. However, he questioned what was wrong in meeting YSRCP MLA Raghupathi?, When Naidu can meet Lagadapati?.

There is suppression freedom of speech & expression, there are no neutral papers like Vaarthaa and Udayam to bring facts out and convey truth to the public.

Taking about political mileage, He said Do they want to take entire Brahmin community and dedicate them to TDP?. He is not for doing political Bajan and told TDP govt to appoint anyone whom they like. He also clarified that He is not going to participate in direct elections. He also told that he would write a book on AP land pooling.