Its Pawan vs YSR in Vijayawada

September 2nd turned out to be a witness for strange happening in political city Vijayawada. Congress party was divided into two groups with both the groups on roads to attend different events.

The first group lead by Deveneni Nehru and Malladi Vishnu organised late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s 3rd death anniversary which shocked the nation, they garlanded to his statue and served food for the poor and also organized a rally.

Meanwhile the other group which tends to be Chiranjeevi group in congress lead by Vellampalli Srinivas and some MLA’s celebrated Power star Pawan Kalyan’s birthday by erecting flexes, cake cutting and blood donation camps etc. Both Malladi and Vellampalli used to be close aids looked as enemies at least for today.

Both the events got good response with media taking a special interest in covering the events. Whatever, the politicians intensions but people of Vijayawada thoroughly participated with them.