IT Raids on ‘Baadshah’ Producers ?

Unnecessary gossips in the media sometimes puts money shedding producers in a tight spot. Now, one such silver fish is fearing a sudden stroke from Income Tax sleuths.
For your information, ‘Baadshah’ is the tentative title of an upcoming film of Young Tiger Jr.NTR. The film is the prestigious directorial venture of star-film maker Sreenu Vytla who recently gave ‘Dookudu’ for Mahesh Fans. A strong grapevine is doing rounds that producers KS RamaRao and Alexander Vallabha are buying Jr.NTR’s dates for more than 12 crores for this movie. Already, this duo is producing the latest flick of Junior, Dammu, under the direction of Boyapati Srinu. The news of junior’s hiked remuneration and producers nodding head for it, is spreading like wild-fire in Film Nagar circuits.
This is said to be worrying this combo who are in the Film Industry from quite a time. A source revealed that earlier producer Anil Sunkara of ‘Dookudu’ got a punch from IT Dept after they made an announcement about the all-time high collections of that superhit flick. As IT sleuths will be prying for information about money-throwing big-wigs, any such misleading news will be a prick in this producer’s seat!