IT growth makes RR district a top revenue earner

IT growth makes RR district a top revenue earner
Revenue status of the district is much higher than that of capital city of Hyderabad.
Thanks to the innovative IT promotion of TDP government led by Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu in 2000, the neighboring district has over taken Hyderabad in land revenue and also infrastructure growth.

Reflecting the popularity of real estate in outlying areas, most of which form part of the Ranga Reddy district the revenue status of the district in terms of land registrations was much more than Hyderabad so far this year.

From April 2011 till February 2012, the revenue status of Ranga Reddy was Rs.83,811 lakh against revenue of Rs.42,427 lakh reported from the Hyderabad DIG office. Add to Ranga Reddy (East) that also covers Nalgonda, then an additional Rs.50,201 lakh flows into Ranga Reddy district’s kitty.

Against a total revenue target of Rs.4,986 crore for the year 2011-2012, the office of the A.P. Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration and Stamps had touched 99.83 percent achievement of Rs.4,977 crore.

If the number of documents submitted is to be taken as a performance indicator, the State received 21,40,834 documents in this year till February compared to 19,67,508 of the last year, which shows a growth rate of 8.81 percent.