ISM Movie Review – Hack and Leak ISM

ism-review-posters-ism-movie-reviewMovie : ISM
Starring: Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya, Jagapati Babu
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Producer: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Banner: NTR Arts
Music Director: Anup Rubens 3/5


Kalyan Rama(Kalyan Ram) is a street fighter. He fights for money in an island in Bangkok and also explores the method of earning without working hard. He falls in love with Alia(Aditi Arya) who is the daughter of a dreaded don Javed Bhai(Jagapathi Babu), who owns an illegal empire handling Black money of politicians through self-run bank “Bank of Paradise”.

While Alia wants to marry someone who has the guts to challenge his father. When Javed agrees their love story Kalyan Ram cheats them and fly back to India. The true identity of Kalyan Ram alias Sathya Marthand (a journalist from India) and his ‘Grand Leakage’ organization is revealed when Javed tries to kill Satya. Alia comes to know that Satya came to expose her father. Who is this Satya Marthanda? What is his Mission? Why he tries to use Alia’s love ? How Satya tells the greatness of Journalism? Forms the story.

There is a lot of difference in Kalyan Ram’s characters in previous films and this film. He just appeared as Puri mark Hero in the film. He impressed with his performance in Court scenes. While This is the debut film for Aditi Arya and she has performed well. Jagapati cannot be considered as a villain, he was Handsome and his fascination smoking ‘kareem beedi’ was impressive. Director should have concerned in detailing International mafia don Javed Ibrahim’s role played by Jagapati. Gollapudi cameo was good. Ali and Vennela Kishore play were good, Posani has entertained.


Technically the film has scored some decent marks,  The song ‘Ism ism’ composed by Anoop was Melodious. The song sung by Puri was nice. But the dialogues lacks intensity. He should have done more homework on the story also.

ISM is out and out Puri mark film , From the beginning of his career Puri always trust on a small point and that point is strong enough for the film. The movie is inspired by Julian Assange and Wikileaks. The point of the film is, “To establish a strong network like Wikileaks and expose those who amassed Black Money and finally distribute it to the poor people”. This kind of Robin Hood attempts will connect the audience easily. But the point here is , What Puri wants to convey can be told in 10 minutes but What about rest of the plot which amounts a runtime of 2+ hours?.

Before the release of the film itself, Everyone came to know that Kalyan ram is playing a Journo character in the film.  Hiding this till Interval and calling it an Interval Bang is ridiculous and hard to digest. In the first half, Hero follows the heroine, he sings and dances with her and that’s all. In the second half, Heroine starts searching for the Hero and finally the pace of the film gains momentum with an Impressive Court scene in pre-climax and finally the director falls flat in reaching the expectations. Overall ISM is a predictable film with a gripping performance of Kalyan ram and also with a message.

+ Kalyan Ram
+ Pre-Climax
– Story

Journalism + Nationalism = ISM