Is something fishy in Rajamouli encounter with medico’s?

According to reports, Rajamouli’s next film is going to be with Prabhas but right now the groundwork is happening in terms of script and other aspects.

It is heard that Rajamouli has gone ahead and has taken part in a special session. This is with the aspiring doctors of the Gandhi Medical College. They happen to be the medical students and it is heard that he would interact with them on various aspects and not just cinema.

According to information, this is more like an extempore and Rajamouli has got no agenda for this session. But this is definitely going to be an interesting encounter between him and the medico’s as the scope for exchange of information and knowledge is very high. The students are reportedly very excited with this session. But Rajamouli who is very professional never take up anything without some reason,  participated in a long session with medico’s …is something fishy behind ? .