Is Ram crossing Boundaries?

Young hero Ram is making lot of noise for every little thing he encounters in his career. Lots of his fans are now wanting to know whether he is crossing boundaries or not.

While Ram is talking about a lot of things, he is not telling anything about his Tamil future. Before the release of ‘Endukante Premanta’, the hero promised to do a lot of stuff in Kollywood and has enthralled everyone with his Tamil speaking too. However, Telugu audiences and this hero’s fans didn’t know whether ‘Endukante Premanta’ crossed boundaries to hit Tamil theatres or not. They say that as EP is a flopbuster, its Tamil version is put on a backburner and Ram too doesn’t want to shift his focus to other state before striking it gold here.

Among the new generation of Telugu heroes, Ram is one eligible guy who is a star in both looks and performance. Stay connected for more updates!