Is Nithiin in Deep Love with a heroine ?

Nithin-megahnaAccording to latest buzz from T Town, Silent and Romantic Hero Nithin fell in love with a cute heroine who worked hi his previous film LIE.

Don’t know How much truth is there in this Buzz ? But Nithin, who is far away from love affairs for all these years, is reportedly moving close with Meghana Akash.

Both of them are not maintaining noticeable distance after they were paired in ‘Lie’ film , she was again selected for Nithin’s next film produced by Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram . Buzz says, Both of them are in deep love with each other.

Gossipmonger also reports they might soon get married . Because of her love with Nitin, she rejected some film chances. This was the reason for rejecting Ram’s film, says the source. But Nitin or Megham Akash is not opening the mouth on this news. Now Nithin plays opposite her.