Is Kamal Hassan copying Aamir Khan ?

There’s no denying the fact that whatever Aamir Khan does becomes popular. Be it outfits, hairstyle or body language. It’s not only his fans but also heroes like Kamal Hassan trying to ape his style. So look who’s copying Aamir?

Well o well, both the actors are like two swords that can’t be in the same scabbard. Yet, Aamir and Kamal can’t totally ignore each other. The latest we hear is that the still of Kamal Hassan shot for his film “Viswaroopam” was inspired from Aamir Khan’s “Fana” it seems. The hair style, costumes and turban around the neck evidently show Kamal took reference of Aamir, who played a terrorist in “Fanaa”.

“Vishwaroopam” has Kamal Hassan playing the role of a Kathak Dancer and a Spy. So we need to wait and see whether Kamal is a good spy or a bad one. “Vishwaroopam” is a trilingual film, which will produced in three languages—Tamil, Telugu and Hindi—simultaneously.