Interval for Praja Patham program

The Kiran Kumar Reddy Government has been directed by the Election Commission of India to immediately stop its Praja Patham program in view of the election schedule announced  for the 18 assembly and one parliament constituency in the state.

The election commission announced May 18th as the date of notification, June 12 as date of polling and June 15 as the date of counting and results. Nearly 44 lakh voters will participate in the exercise which will be conducted in 5405 polling stations in 12 districts of the state where polling and counting will both be video graphed and webcast for remote supervision and monitoring by the election commission.

Briefing newsmen the Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh Bhanwarlal said the vacancy for these constituencies arose due to the resignations of the Congress legislators who supported the leadership of Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy and joined his YSR congress party besides violating the whip moved by the Congress legislative party in a no confidence motion in the assembly.

Sri Bhanwar lal, the chief electoral officer said today that the state Government has also been directed to not to announce any new projects, no new grants of funds, no grounding of works and also make any special announcement of sops to voters in the 12 districts comprising of the 18 assembly and one parliament seat. ‘The Government should not also  announce any new beneficiaries to the existing welfare schemes’ he said.

The CEO said the Government also should keep all transfers of election related officials in these districts under hold till the completion of the poll.