International Legal trouble ahead for Agnyaathavaasi

rp_agnya-192x300.jpgPower star Pawan Kalyan latest outing Agnyaathavaasi copyright issue to land in International Legal Trouble as the Largo Winch film director JeromeSalle plans to slap a legal notice.

After waiting for the film, Jerome has reportedly waited for a week for a dialogue with Agnyaathavaasi team but there was no response from them.

Jerome tweeted, “Indian cinema has all the necessary talent and creativity for not having to plagiarize. And the silence from #Agnathavaasi team since one week is deafening. So let’s take action now. #LegalNotice”.

But the point is Largo Winch movie remake rights are with T-Series, And T-series- Agnyaathavaasi producers were mutually settled, the rights are bought for a language and can be released anywhere in the world.