Internal survey : BJP losing ground in Karnataka

congress-bjpBJP Parenting organisation RSS gave a rude shock to the party ahead Karnataka elections.

RSS internal survey revealed that BJP will not win over 70 seats in the Karnataka Assembly .The internal survey details are provided by South Indian regional leader V Nagaraj to BJP leader Amit Shah.

The BJP can at most win 70 or more seats according to the survey, Congress would be the single largest party with 115 to 120 seats for Congress and 29-34 seats for JDS. The report also reported details of BJP failures. People are deeply dissatisfied with the BJP due to the GST affect, the cost of petroleum products, the unemployment problem and other factors have been affected.

As part of the political analysis, the BJP failed miserably in gaining Dalit voter confidence. BJP candidate Yeddyurappa has lost grip over linguists, and all the above-mentioned issues is , BJP giving importance to Gali Janardhan Reddy.

The BJP sources have dismissed the survey report. A BJP leader has questioned how the RSS Surveys which are highly confidential , could be leaked?