Interesting names for Venkatesh & Mahesh in SVSC

Mahesh Babu Venkatesh starer ‘Seetamma Vakitlo Chirumalle Chettu ‘ movie tends to have interesting names for both the stars.

Mahesh Babu Venkatesh are playing  brother roles in this film and The characters of Venkatesh and Mahesh will not have any names, but they are as ‘Peddodu’ (Elder one – Venkatesh) and ‘Chinnodu’ (Younger one – Mahesh Babu) respectively . Anjali plays the role of Seetha which is the main character with lot of sentiment added to it.

Shooting of the film is nearing completion and this movie is gearing up for a massive release for Sankranthi 2013. This film is directed by Srikanth Addala and produced by Dil Raju.