Insights of Sardaar Gabbar Singh Hindi at BO

sardaar_gabbar_singh_New_posters_wallapers (5)Actor Pawan Kalyan ‘s ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ Hindi version has brought huge losses for the makers . It was the idea of Pawan Kalyan and producer Sharat Marar to release in Hindi , so the losses would be beared by them.

After getting a negative talk on the day one , Sardaar could not sustain in Hindi market . The makers have spent about 6 crore on the Hindi version , Another 4 Cr for Print and Publicity and was released in 800 theaters . But shocking ,it has earned 1.4 Cr for the first weekend .

The makers then decided to remove almost all theaters as most of them were showing deficits from day one. Since EROS was the distributor of the film , it should bear the losses But the corporate company has many underlying rules which does not permit it to run into losses. So, the losses have to be beared by the makers only.