Inside story: Pawan’s ‘CgR’ Overseas rights

Overseas distributors got a big blow with Pawan’s “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu”  producer’s decision to keep the overseas rights of the film with him.

Sources say, Pawan Kalyan’s “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu” which was coded about 4.5crores but later backed by overseas distributing agencies after Puri’s disastrous project “Devudu Chesina Manusulu ”  showing Puri as cause and offered a price of just 2.5 crores,  which is 50 lakhs less than Pawan’s previous film Gabbarsingh.  Overseas distributors using the same strategy for last couple of years when it comes to Mega Heroes films. They form a syndicate and try to code very low amount showing some silly reasons and grab the rights very cheap. After release they play under reporting drama showing the collections very low and own the unreported screens revenue in their pockets .Producer Bandla Ganesh was made sheep goat  using same strategy.

Now they have  tried to implement  on ‘CgR’ producer DVV.Danayya too  but, Danayya said he would keep the overseas rights and distribute the film. This has come as big shock for all overseas distributors and some of them have already approached him to use their services as they need feed for their screens which are in their hands.  One simple question these overseas freaks are unable to answer  is…. When Gabbar Singh was released Pawan Kalyan had series of flops to his track and the director of GS was not so experienced still  GS could get 3 crores price. But for Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu which is coming after a super hit film like Gabbar Singh which has almost collected [$2,2M, Rs.12.5 crores] for both reported and unreported screens and a reputed director who is far better than GS director, still these guys coded just 2.5 crores is ridicules’.

One mistake of  ‘CgR’ producer’s side is he should have sold the overseas rights when the project was announced like Dil Raju who sold Mahesh’s SVSC rights for 6 crores before regular shooting started. Whatever the reason or calculations, CgR team expressed its confidence about CgR and said it will rock the Box –  Office. After all for a Pawan’s  film just  “Cut out is enough” to break the records.