Inkokkadu aka Iru Mugan Movie Review – Alogical

inkokkadu_movie_new_posters_vikram_nayanthara_nithya_menon_stills_Photos_Gallery_wallpapers_Posters (1)Movie: Iru Mugan (Tamil) / Inkokkadu (Telugu)
Directed by Anand Shankar
Produced by Shibu Thameens
Production house Thameens Films
Written by Anand Shankar
Star cast :Vikram (dual role), Nayanthara, Nithya Menen and Nasser
Music Harris Jayraj
Edited by :Bhuvan Srinivasan
Cinematographer :R.D RajaShekar
Release date September 8, 2016
TeluguSquare Rating :2.75/5

A strange attacks happens on Indian embassy in Malaysia, where the attacker is a 80-year old person who kills few and injures several people out there. In CC footage reveals that , the old man was under influence of a drug (inhaler) called “Speed”, which provides for excessive release of Adrenaline hormones in human body and gives super strength in few minutes after inhaling it. The man gets 10 times strength and it lasts 5 minutes only. What If such drugs falls in the hands of anti-nationals. To solve this mysterious case ex- RAW agent Akhilan (Vikram) along with Ayushi (Nitya Menon) from India lands in Malaysia. Akhilan lose his wife Meera(Nayantara) in Malaysia four year back. The one guy who is a International criminal named Love(Vikram again) is responsible for Nayantara’s death and the attack too. How Nayantara gets killed? What will akhilan do ?, forms the plot.


Vikram have enacted dual role as a police officer ” Akhilan ” and as the Scientist named ” Love ” with a ease. He gives his life and soul to any character that he essays . As Akilan, he was ruthless and sharap . As Love, he had fantastic screen presence with unique body language. Nayanthara and Nithya Menen were good in their roles. Nazer was also good.

RD Rajasekhar’s cinematography was awesome , The beauty of Malaysia, Kashmir and other places were captured perfectly. Harris Jayaraj’s music is pretty ordinary, The highlight song in the film is ‘Halena ‘song which still make a buzz, all the time. Costumes were Uber cool.

Inkooaku is a scientific thriller. The initial scenes brings curiosity among audience. Akilan’s undercover operation in Malaysia, Tracing out some clue….everything was good to watch. The crucial turning point of the film is the arrival of “Love’. The conflict between Akilan and Love is also crucial for the film. However, director Anand Shankar could not deal this portion properly. The movie revolves around “Sped” drug, but director could not narrate the side effects of it. That’s the reason audience cannot connect to heroic acts of Vikram.

The screenplay in the second half is not so gripping, For every 5 mins, one or the other takes “Speed” medicine and the story falls into such routine circle. Nitya Menon was not utilized in the film, the flash story around Nayantara was also not convincing . There is no entertainment in the film, which is a biggest drawback. Even the songs will makes you feel bored. However the Climax sequence was a relief .

On the whole, Anand Shankar presentation is slick.1st half adrenaline pumping but 2nd half the pace slackens and lacks logic. Technically Fabulous, Vikram is simply terrific in a dual role as hero & villain and holds it together to a large extent.


A good sci-fi thriller with action, romance ,Technically solid and Top notch casting.